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Our Guarantee

At New England Doodles, our #1 mission is to provide you with a healthy pet! Nothing else matters! We are committed to breeding healthy pets. We take breeding responsibly to be more than just a slogan. We will never breed a pair of dogs that are known to have any genetic defects that would negatively affect their life, which is why we genetically test all of our breeding parents. This ensures that we are pairing the right adults to ensure we are not producing bad genetics. 
All of our puppies are raised right inside of our home! We do not use a garage, or a shed, or a “breeding facility” that many other breeders use. We literally whelp them right inside of our living areas and bedrooms. They are a daily part of our lives and we are fully committed to scializing them from birth with a real world family environment! 
We provide a 1 year genetic health guarantee on all of our puppies! While we never plan on needing to use it, it is there as a guarantee and a reassurance to you that we are doing everything in our power to do the right thing by you, again, that is ultimately why we are here! 

Ask us how you can get your health guarantee increased to 2 years!

Our Guarantee: About
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