New England Doodles
A small, family, Goldendoodle breeder in Southern Connecticut

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Our next planned litter will be with our female, Callie. She is a 55 pound F1 Goldendoodle and will be bred with our male, Murphy. The puppies will be 40-50 pound F1b goldendoodles. Callie is due to come into heat anytime now.

We have just one waiting list for all of our puppies. Preference will be given in order of deposit as litters become available. 

**Breeder will retain the rights to first choice(s) from all litters.** 

Please fill out the "contact us" form if you have any questions.

Holly's List: 

                       1. Meredith Corvo  

                         2. Dana Hansen     

                        3. Beth Landrette 

                         4. Jackie Trenck

                              5. Qi Guan

                           6. Jody O'Brien

                          7. Nancy Dooley

       Sophie's List:

                 1. Jeffrey MacPherson

                      2. Nikki Ferrrara

                        3. Casey Hunt

                  4. Michelle Markham

                   5. Mathangi Srinivas

                        6. Lisa Toomey

                      7. Amy Damboise

                    8. Michael McManus

                      9. Emily Kingsbury

                    10. Christine Newton

Future Litter List:

  1. Kelli St. Pierre (Deposit Met)
  2. Rose Mongillo (Deposit Met)
  3. Anna Walsh (Deposit Met)
  4. Stephanie Lokos (Deposit Met)
  5.  Ann Pereira (Deposit Met)
  6. Erica Lumb (Deposit Met)