New England Doodles
A small, family, Goldendoodle breeder in Southern Connecticut

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We have several litters planned for 2020!

Our current litter is with our female, Minnie. Her gorgeous 11 puppies were born on April 10th! These puppies will be ready to go home the first week of June.

Sophie and Holly were both just bred to Murphy. Once we confirm their pregnancies, we anticipate puppies from these 2 girls to arrive around the last week of May with them being ready to go home around the last week of July. Sophie's puppies will be in the 40-50 pound range while we anticipate Holly's puppies to stay closer to the 30-35 pound range.

We have just one waiting list for all of our puppies. Preference will be given in order of deposit as litters become available. 

**Breeder will retain the rights to first choice(s) from all litters.** 

Please fill out the "contact us" form if you have any questions.

Minnie's List:
1. Liz Souza
2. Chris Scarpetti
3. Martin's
4. Lauren Lynch
5. Katie Ptak
6. Sara Connors
7. Jen McColley
8. Anna Mire
9. Alexis Vincelette
10. Caitlin Plumpton
11. Elizabeth Anderson
Future Litter List:

  1. Kathy Selander (Deposit Met)
  2. Meredith Corvo (Deposit Met)
  3. Kelli St. Pierre (Deposit Met)
  4. Rose Mongillo (Deposit Met)
  5. Dana Hansen (Deposit Met)
  6. Beth Landrette (Deposit Met)
  7. Anna Walsh (Deposit Met)
  8. Jeffrey MacPherson (Deposit Met)
  9. Nikki Ferrara (Deposit Met)
  10. Casey Hunt (Deposit Met)
  11.  Michelle Markham (Deposit Met)
  12.  Jackie Trenck (Deposit Met)
  13. Mathangi Srinivas (Deposit Met)
  14. Lisa Toomey (Deposit Met)
  15. Amy Damboise
  16. Qi Guan (Deposit Met)
  17.  Jody O'Brien (Deposit Met)
  18. Stephanie Lokos
  19.  Ann Pereira
  20.  Nancy Dooley