New England Doodles
A small, family, Goldendoodle breeder in Southern Connecticut

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We are currently awaiting the arrival of 2 litters right around the 4th of July. One from Marley and one from Ginger. We also have bred Minnie and Honey and are awaiting confirmation of their pregnancies. If all goes well with them, they both should be due near the end of July.

We have just one waiting list for all of our puppies. Selections will be offered in order of deposit as litters become available. Our waiting list deposit is $100.

All of our puppies are currently $3000.00

**Breeder will retain the rights to first choice(s) from all litters.** 

Please fill out the "contact us" form if you have any questions.

Future Litter List:

  1. Lisa Toomey (Deposit Met)
  2. Kelly Kernan (Deposit Met)
  3. Jill Lee (Deposit Met)
  4. Kim Pilch (Pending)
  5. Kathie
  6. Jeremy Stuart (Deposit Met)
  7. Metaxia Mitropoulos (Deposit Met)
  8. Caroline Coffey (Deposit Met)
  9.  Lauren Janton (Deposit Met)
  10. Cassie Brown (Deposit Met)
  11. Kate Carlucci (Deposit Met)
  12. Amy Pryor (Deposit Met)